Monday, April 8, 2013

     I decided it would be a good idea to hold a little give away here as a way to promote some of my favorite Indie authors, and here we are!  I will be giving away 6 book and some signed bookmarks!!  I only ask that the winners please, please, please, leave reviews for whatever book you won?  Authors really depend on those!  If you don't like the book, that's fine, just remember that you don't need to be cruel or hateful to get your point across.  So!  The Rafflecopter has already been posted, as I was having some issues getting it all to work together (technology does NOT like me today!) but I thought I'd show you the blurbs for the books offered!  Keep in mind the contest will open for 2 weeks in order to give people plenty of time to join in the fun.  With no further ado:

Robert S Fuller Jr / Valerie: Daughter of the Dragon / Gothic Romance, Paranormal Romance

--While collaborating on a fashion show, Samantha Hammond, a forty-something old Display Manager draws the attention of the mysterious clothing designer, Valerie Ross. Samantha’s journey of self-discovery takes her from the security of her hometown Lexington, Ohio, to the shores of a secluded paradise, Sabbatical Island.

As their relationship flourishes, Samantha learns that Valerie harbors a terrifying secret. The revelation thrusts Samantha into a nightmarish world where vampires and witches dwell in the darkness. Pamela Darius, a murderous adversary from Valerie’s past, uses Samantha and those around her as pawns in a deadly game filled with seduction, pain, betrayal, and death.

Tigris Eden / Enslaved In Shadows / Romance, Fantasy & Futuristic, Military, Paranormal

-- A man's Past leads to his Future......

Agent Stone of the Shadow Unit's job is simple, most days. Work in the Shadows, police his own Kind.

When an unwanted assignment turns out to be his darkest fantasy from the past, Draven can't help but be conflicted by the memories of the past and his responsibilities in the future. But his decision has been made.

The Heart of a woman is Tested........

Jes can't let the tall dark agent back into her life.
How can she trust any man after what she's endured. Years of abuse have broken her down and she doesn't have room for more. The man she turns to for help hasn't abused her physically but he's tormented her emotionally. A past betrayal left her scarred, but also brought her life.

Can she accept him into her heart and trust him again?

One will survive and adapt, the other will realize hearts can be mended even if it’s a bit too late.

The road to forgiveness sometimes only brings more pain. Unexpected events set their lives on two separate tracks leading to one outcome. Lives will be changed and an emotional battle to save their souls will leave them both trapped and enslaved in their need for one another.

***WARNING*** This book contains foul language. A torture scene by a mad man and explicit sex.
Riley Ross, Ty Langston, Tigris Eden / Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories Episode 4 (first of season 2) / Erotica
-- In Season 2 of Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories the Author’s have all added a little something more. Ms. Ross continues with Mike and Juliet’s Contemporary Romance, in Nothing Else Matters. This story takes place after the wedding. Ms. Eden takes you on a journey three thousand years plus into the future where female assassins get down to business in Red Hawk Mercenary Group: Ghost. Ms. Langston brings you into a world of Contemporary Romance where a woman can go online and order the man of their dreams in Mail Order Groom.

Read a book before bedtime and fall in love with Romantic Tales
Lindy Zart / Ordinary / Science  Fiction, Fantasy
-- There are three kinds of people in the world: those who are alive, those who are undead, and those who can see the undead.

Honor Rochester found out she's one of the three, and it's not the one she would prefer to be.

She can accept her fate and live as is decided for her. Or not live at all.
Ty Langston / Decadent Dreams / Erotic Romance
-- Beth Mason has what every woman wishes for, a successful career, dear friends and a lovely home in the sleepy town of Stamford, New York. The only thing
missing, was someone to share it with.

After several failed relationships with men who are either intimidated by her success or just simply don’t get her, she decides to try her hand at online dating through a dating site called “A Foreign Affair” where she meets a handsome and charismatic man from Belarus.

After several online chats, Beth becomes attracted to the young man, who himself is an entrepreneur. So much, that she decides to invite him to spend a weekend with her in New York City.

Will meeting him for one hot weekend, show her that he may be the potential Mr. Right?
Sally Slayer / The Dragon's Portal / Science Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal
-- Mysteriously transported to a world filled with war, violence, and oppression Amaya must try to help stop it all and learn to control her magic before it destroys everything. The enemy is lurking around every corner, yet unknown to her. Will she be able to stop them before it's too late?

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