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Jazz Up, by Sarah Jehan

Here's what Sarah has to say about her almost here novel, Jazz Up.  By the way, this is one sweet girl, I'm so glad to have met her!!!

JAZZ UP is the debut novel of author Sarah Jehan which she wills to publish this autumn. This novel written as a teenage chick-lit, recounts the personal lives and mysterious adventures of three high school girls named Sarah Khan, Penelope Gegorowitch and Amanda Wopsle. Jazz Up is all about the life connected by social networks.....and the peer pressure, time pass romances, strong friendships and the first bad habits late teenagers involve with refusing their confused parents who keep on dodging. This book sounds musical at the mean time. Through this book author hopes to inspire the readers and knowledge them about the reality of teenagers’ life styles and how to face the threats and challengers in order to success in lives.

And for that question?  Everyone keeps pestering her about her love life, won't leave the poor lady alone!  So, here's your answer:  No, she is NOT currently in a relationship!  So quit bugging her about it and leave her ALONE, boys!

As always, have a fantabulous day and weekend!!


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Links for Sarah Jehan

Bonus Picture: Sarah Jehan receiving an award from 
 the President of 
Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa,
 for ranking 2nd place in storytelling for the whole country
 and for good grades and scholarship in 5th grade.

So, you want to connect with Sarah?  Here's how!!

You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, or her Blog, simply by clicking on your choice!

Don't forget to tune in on Friday to see what she has to say about her upcoming novel, Jazz Up, and the answer to the question everyone keeps asking her!

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Please Welcome Sarah Jehan!

Sarah Jehan was born on April 08, 1993 in Chilaw Srilanka to an educated family. Her late father Mohamed Thahir was a principal, justice of peace and former secretary of citizen committee of his district. While her mother Roshan Jehan a high school history teacher and once an election candidate of Chilaw Urban Council. She has two younger brothers named Roomi and Zaci. Her father is a native Sri Lankan Moor, having the Sinhala and Arabic ancestry with one of the best surnames Lebbaik which stands for Preachers. And her mother is of Kerela Indian (Malayali), Malaysian-Indonesian descent. Her maternal grandfather was an English teacher and an Arabic- Malayalam- English translator .her parents gave her the name Zihra Jahan which is a combination of Turkish and North Indian words, meaning bright dawn of the universe/world’s super star in believing she would shine bright in her future.
     Due to the mixed heritage of her family Sarah is able to speak around five languages and is very fluent in English, Sinhala and Tamil. But she considers Malay as her mother tongue and Malaysian traditions and costumes as her culture in order to respect her maternal grandmother who told her bedtime stories and dragged her into the story land when she was a toddler.
As a child Sarah often watched Disney cartoons and listened to her grandmother’s fantasies, which she would usually relate to her brothers adding more of her own ideas. this special talent led her to win the country wise second place for creative story telling in national Tamil language day at the tender age of ten in the same year she passed out the government primary scholarship examination with a leading marks and became her district fifth winning an admission to one of Sri Lankans biggest ladies schools “Muslim Ladies college” to persuade her middle school studies.
Continuous bullies and threats from her class mates made her sick and to refuse her scholarship. Later she continued to study at Ch/Nazriya central college in which her father was the principal changing her medium of studies from Tamil to English. But the sudden change of languages made her to face a vast number of challenges as she wasn’t much fluent in English and students of English medium seemed much competitive.
At the same year Sarah won many local talent competitions in storytelling and recitations and got a higher attention amidst the Chilaw folks. This growing ambition began to isolate Sarah from her middle school peers.
     After receiving her 11th birthday present Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone story book from her father, Sarah felt sure that she should start to pursue her writing career in English. As an attempt she wrote her first poem “Nature Trail” and got it published in a local kid’s magazine named Funday Times and wrote her first short story “Praise the Lord” too. In the same year she won country wise 3rd place for oratory in English at the national Islamic speech competitions in 2004.this victory made Sarah to love English and soon she started to show her colors in her studies too, as English became her favorite language.
     At the age of twelve, Sarah started to write a number of poems in English. Her poem “My ball point pen” got high positive reviews by many of the educated personalities after it got published in one of her father’s personal projects. In 2005, once again she got selected for the national Tamil language day competitions this time in oratory section and won country wise 3rd place by defeating hundreds of competitors all around the country.
The continuous country wise victories made her much eager to participate in many similar competitions. Sarah started to collect certificates and medals as her favorites past time activity. And in 2006 at age 13, she won the country wise national Islamic speech competition. The fear of competing with thousands of country wise similar kids started to totally drift away from her by the time.
Getting more exited bout her victories she started to develop her other hidden talents too. Sarah who won gold medal in a provincial karate competition when she was just 7, started to improve her martial arts in order to gain a black belt from the karate do federation but her sudden interest on music made her to stop her interest on sports when she was 14. She started to attend Karnataka music classes and vocal lessons, and won a local singing competition. In the same year 2008,She wrote he debut song lyric “full moon” and won district 1st place in national district level literary art completions’ and she won country wise second place and an award for her short story “sad surprise” in national level literary art competitions conducted by the Sri Lankan cultural affairs ministry. This made a great success in Sarah’s budding writing career and she planned to publish a book on her 15th birthday. After a lot of planning she started to do researches for her debut book Jazz Up. But as a sudden accident her father got cancer and Sarah’s family got struck financially as they spent a lot in her fathers treatments. And her idea of publishing the book faded away.
In 2009 at age 16, she wrote another short story named “Back Again” thinking of her father who passed away in the same year. This story too won country wise second place in National literary art competitions and won an award by the Sri Lankan ministry of cultural affairs. Sarah received good reviews from the critics and was asked to turn her short story in to a book so it could be later adapted in to a movie as her story was explaining the real situation of the country with a simple narration. In the same year she wrote her short story “Kadhevu orathil avel” in Tamil and won district 1st place and provincial 3rd place in National Tamil language day competitions. And she wrote many short stories in Tamil too proving her talent in that language.
      Sarah soon got noticed by many of the local literary agents and advice to work on a book. but Sarah’s mother didn’t wanted her daughter to move in to the writing career deeply as she wanted Sarah to finish her high school study properly without any messing.
In 2009 December she sat for her local general ordinary level examinations and received 2A* passes for Math and English literature, 3A passes and 4B passes. She selected CH/Carmel girl’s college which is run by sacred heart convent nuns as her high school. Her interest on math and science lead her to select biological science stream for her general local advanced level examinations studies.
     While doing her first year in 2010 one of Sarah’s friends faced a terrifying life accident and this made Sarah to write a short story named “Broken angel” which is based on the true life story of her friend. This short story won district wise 1st place and was nominated as the best life portrait in national literary arts festival competitions. And she won country wise 4th place in National HNB competitions for the same story. Further this story gained much attention amidst the teens and high school girls and was publicly read in school libraries.
In the same year Sarah’s first short story “Praise the lord” got published in the local magazine “trend” and made Sarah to receive writing publicity even out of her town. Her short story “back again” too got published in the golden jubilee souvenir book of her former school Nazriya central college. And later the same story got nominated for the international common wealth organization’s short story competitions.
      By the end of year 2010, Sarah started to suffer from anemia. This led her to stop schooling and bed rest. She became weak and ill for more than six months and left her studies in biological science stream as concentrating on studies were hard with her sickness. after a long term treatment she finally got cured in 2012 but missed performing her best in her local advanced level examinations ,so soon after she got well she applied for her BCS software engineering degree which she is currently doing and will hopefully finish in year 2014.she wishes to do masters in computer science as a further educational qualification. She is also studying fashion designing and French as her part time studies. Now she is a youth coordinator of Sri Lankan Red Cross society and an active social worker.
     Sarah started to write her current debut novel Jazz Up which is due to publish this year autumn, in 2012 December after her five years research on it. She also has written a number of short stories which she wishes to publish as an anthology in coming years. Regarding her writing career Sarah dreams to be a famous author, screen writer and a preacher in near future. At the end of 2013, Sarah is looking forward to what the next year will bring: new stories, more performances, and, above all, furthering her career in the industry.

The day after tomorrow I will post links for you to find and follow her, and Friday I will answer a question that people have been plaguing dear Sarah with, as well as telling you a little something about her upcoming novel, Jazz Up!

Have a wonderful day!!

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Link Time!

Once more, so that you can find Riley Ross easily and be able to connect with her, here are those links for you guys!

Author Pages for Riley Ross:






Book Links
(Amazon only this time, if you prefer a different e-store, you can either look back to the post that contains them all, or just let me know and I will find it for you.)

Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories Episode 1: Click HERE

Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories Episode 2: Try THIS one!

Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories Episode 3: Click ME

For the complete Season 1, X marks the spot.

Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories Episode 4: Hit the MARK!

Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories Episode 5: Pick me, Pick ME!!!

Bump Off Your Enemies: THIS one should get you there!

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Riley Ross Excerpts!

These are going to be short and sweet, since I don't want to give away too many spoilers!  Enjoy!

Excerpt #1, taken from The Getaway, episode 1:   (Caution, 18 and over readers, please)

     "Show me to my room and I will show you what I am wearing or not wearing underneath this sundress." I said as he looked dazed.
     I walked into the house and I heard him mutter a curse word as he came in after me.  He scooped me up in his arms and carried me to the bedroom.  He gently put me down on my feet as he slipped his hand up my skirt.  He sighed when he felt the bare skin against his warm hand.
     "Dammit Juliet," he growled softly in my ear.  "Why do you have to treat me this way?  You know I want to take my time with you, but you are making it hard for me."

Excerpt #2, from The Getaway, episode 2:

     "That's where you took me on our first date," Elaine said with a hint of warmth in her voice.  I could see that she wasn't frigid all of the time, which gave me hope that she would soften towards me.  My inner voice was telling me not to be daft as this would probably never happen.

Excerpt #3, from The Getaway, episode 3:

     "You are such a spoiled little princess."  He shot back teasingly; the smile on his face took the sting out of his words.
      "I can't help it if your daddy loves me more than you." I shot back at him; he picked me up and tossed me over his shoulder.  He ran with me struggling against him and gently tossed me in the cold waters of the lake.  "You bastard, you will pay for this."  I screamed at him, he chuckled with delight.  His pleasure was short lived as Brutus waddled over to me, turned around and honked menacingly at him.  "Go get him Brutus."  I said loudly for Mike to hear.  To my surprise and his horror, Brutus charged at him.  Mike ran quickly back to the safety of his BMW.  I could hear Brutus honking and hissing while he paced the perimeter of the silver car.  I could see Mike glaring at me from the car, I was laughing with sheer delight.  While I distracted my protector, Mike made a run for the house.  "Good be nice to Mike, hie loves me and would never do anything to hurt me.  I need my two best guys to get along.  Ok?"  I could swear Brutus nodded when I patted him on the head before he went back into the lake.

Excerpt #4, from Nothing Else Matter, episode 1 (episode 4 of Romantic Tales)

     A few hours later, I woke up to the mouthwatering aroma of pepperoni pizza.  Walking into the kitchen, I saw Mike pulling a deep dish pizza out of the oven.  He smiled and told me to set the table.  After dinner we decided to go on a quick walk around the lake to feed Brutus and his mate, Sasha.  We grabbed the bowl of bread crumbs that we kept on hand and headed outside.  Brutus came over to me and nudged me with his soft head.  Kneeling down, I delicately ruffled his head feathers while Sasha started chasing Mike.  When Mike dropped the bread crumbs, Sasha and Brutus attacked them with a fierce intensity.

Excerpt #5, from Nothing Else Matter, episode 2 (episode 5 of Romantic Tales) (any guesses why I used this one??????  HAHA!)

      Mike rolled his blue eyes at me before he diffused the situation by hanging the subject to sports.  "Sean, would you like to come to the football game with us in a couple of weeks?  You could probably use a break from moving.  Feel free to invite Valari, she could keep Jules and Brooke company since they aren't really football fans.  They could talk shoes and fashion while we enjoy the game.:  Mike said teasingly.
     "That's nice of you Mike, I think that would be a great idea.  I'll talk to Valari tomorrow and run it by her."  When Sean mentioned Valari's name, I noticed that he had perked up and I couldn't help but grin at him.  "Are you still mad at me?"

Hope you enjoyed!!!  Love you all!


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My Short Interview With Riley Ross!

No sense in bumbling around to introduce this cleverly, as I'm very short on the cleverness scale haha!  So here's the interview!

Me -- What gets you inspired to start a deep session of writing about Juliet and Mike?

RR -- To get inspired for a deep writing session about Mike and Juliet, I look no further than my own love story with 'J'. We have our moments of realness and drama, but it's how we deal with that inspires me.

Me -- That's beautiful!!  What are some Must Haves for a good deep writing session?

RR -- My must haves vary from time to time but the items that never change are Dr. Pepper, Dove Bliss White Chocolate Bars and laptop and the iPod.

Me -- Ah, a girl after my own heart!  What do you do get out of a funk when you hit 'the wall'?

RR --  I take a moment to watch wrestling and/or take a video game break. Sometimes you have to step away for a moment to gain a fresh clarity.

Me --  Do you have any plans, or any ideas brewing for a solo book in the near or distant future?

RR --  I actually do but as the time grows closer, I will give you an exclusive.

Me -- *freaking out*  WOOHOO!!!!! *happy dances on the ceiling*  (Seriously people, I was so excited that I almost peed my pants!)  How do you get set to write a sad or heart wrenching scene?

RR --  Before I sit down to write an emotional scene I will listen to a song that will put me in the mood for heartbreak.

Me -- Music has always been my inspiration!  Finally, is there anything you would like to say to the readers and your fans?  Anything you want them to know?

RR --  Be yourself and don't be afraid of putting your story out there. As Shakespeare once said 'To thine own self be true'. Write what you feel and don't let anyone take that away from you.

Me -- That is wonderfully said.  Thank you oh so much for joining me, and you know I love you!  Ladies and Gentleman, be sure to check out all the posts from this week to find links to both author pages for Riley Ross and links to purchase her books!  Have a WONDERFUL day!


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Here we go!  Currently, you can find Riley's writing in Episodes 1-5 of Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories, which are an episodic, erotic romance book series.  She also has a short story published in the anthology Bump Off Your Enemies.  With no further ado, I present to you RT:BS.

In season 1, Riley begins the beautiful love story of Juliet and Mike.  And Brutus.  Never forget Brutus!  Their story weaves through the struggles every couple has, and they come out stronger for it in the end.  With the evil in-laws and illnesses that many of us have to deal with in real life, Juliet is quite easy to relate to, and her love for Mike, and his for her, gives us all hope.  Season 2 continues their journey, introducing new characters to their story.  The story is currently on hold, but WILL be finished. 

Bump Off Your Enemies began as a fun little contest contained in a Facebook event.  In 200 words or less, the writers were given the opportunity to blow off a little steam and 'bump' someone off in writing.  The response was so great that it became an e-book, almost of it's own accord!

Now for those purchase links!

Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories Episode 1 -- Amazon, Barnes and Noble, All Romance, Smashwords

Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories Episode 2 -- Amazon, Barnes and Noble, All Romance, Smashwords

Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories Episode 3 -- Amazon, Barnes and Noble, All Romance

Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories Season 1 (episodes 1-3) -- Amazon, Barnes and Noble, All Romance

Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories Episode 4 -- Amazon, Barnes and Noble, All Romance

Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories Episode 5 -- Amazon, Barnes and Noble, All Romance

Bump Off Your Enemies -- Amazon

Have a wonderful day my dearies!!

Bob aka Val

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Introducing: RILEY ROSS!

While growing up in rural Virginia, I dreamed of making my escape. Don’t get me wrong I loved the beauty of Virginia but I didn’t have the happiest of childhoods. It was a struggle to survive an alcoholic and abusive father but reading was my escape to a happier place. I was reading Jackie Collins books before the age of 12. Jackie Collins, Sandra Brown, Danielle Steele and others were my inspiration to write stories. I would love to thank them for providing me with a safe haven to escape to. Also a huge thank you goes to my grandparents for introducing me to wrestling and romance novels. My grandmother would always read a Harlequin romance novel; I got my love of books and wrestling from her. I joined the Air Force when I was 18 and I didn’t look back. I was in the service for twelve years and on my first day, I met my version of Prince Charming, we are parents to two little Siberian Huskies, Sammie and Demon and we now have a new addition to our family, Brutus. So for those that are in dark situations dreams do come true.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Tomorrow begins my author takeover/spotlight/whatever-you-wanna-call-it week for the amazing Riley Ross!  I wanted to give you the schedule today so that everyone knows what kind of posts to expect on which days.  So here we go!

Monday June 17: Meet the Author - I will do the about the author segment, and provide all links to her author pages.  Rafflecopter on the giveaway tab will also be going live for all authors included in the summer takeover, and it will remain that way for a week after the final author has their turn!

Tuesday, June 18:  Books -  I will give you a list of all of her current books, blurb, and links to anywhere and everywhere you can purchase them!!

Wednesday, June 19:  Interview with Riley Ross - You all know I suck at interviews, so it's short.  Be sure to check it out anyway!

Thursday, June 20: Excerpts - I will give you a little taste of what she has written that is available for purchase.

Friday, June 21:  Links - I will be re-posting the links to both author pages and purchase links.


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Meet Lindy Zart, Sara, and Lincoln

I promised you all you would get to meet this incredible woman, and I am here now to deliver!  With no further ado, here is the About the Author portion of our evening.

 Lindy Zart has been writing since she was a child.  Luckily for her readers, she writing has improved since then.  She lives in Wisconsin with her husband, two sons, and one cat.  Lindy loves hearing from people who enjoy her work.

That's the official one.  Mine would say:  Lindy is this bad a$$ chick who writes freaking awesome books, and is like my drug dealer.  I can barely wait for the next fix!  But hey, that's just me.  Wanna know where else to find her?  Yes?  I'll post all of those links at the bottom, as I did in the post before for the Amazon links! Next up are those excerpts and blurb I said I'd give you!  Here we go!

Excerpt #1:

     The door burst open and Sara reflexively slammed the drawer shut, whirling around to face the intruder, her pulse racing.  How had he gotten there so fast?
They looked nothing alike.  Lincoln Walker was bigger, taller, with gray eyes and darker hair.  But when Sara looked at him, she saw his brother.  It was in the perpetually lowered eyebrows,  the square jaw, and the stance.  Lincoln was the moodier, easier to anger brother; her husband the more amiable, if slightly wild brother.  Nothing alike in personalities or looks, and yet she saw her husband in Lincoln.  Maybe because she wanted to.
     "What are you doing, Sara?" he demanded.
     "I'm--what are you doing?" she shot back.
      You look guilty."  Lincoln strode for her, not stopping until he was inches from her and looming over her.  Sara had to crane her neck back to meet his eyes, and when she did, she saw they were red-rimmed and bloodshot.  She took in the dark stubble of his jaw and the unkempt, shaggy hair he used to always keep short.  Shed never noticed before how it waved up around his ears on the nape of his neck.  Brackets had taken a place around his mouth and he seemed thinner than she remembered.  It was wearing on him, too.  
     "You can' just barge into my house, Lincoln."  Sara backed up a step and Lincoln followed.  He had on a gray hooded sweatshirt and faded jeans and brought the citrus and mint scent of soap and toothpaste with him.  It was all wrong.  Wrong man, wrong scent, wrong everything.  
     Lincoln had always been blunt, something Sara had admired  Now, though, she really wished he was quite so blunt.  This was why she had been avoiding him as much as she could.  Because she knew he'd do this.  He thought he had to look out for her, he thought it was his responsibility to take care of her for his brother.  On the phone he could talk to her and not expect anything, because he knew he wouldn't get anything; not even a response, but in person, Lincoln was agitated and pushed her and made demands; he always had.  They'd used to argue as a form of communication, something that ha forever irritated her husband.
     "You're one to talk.  You don't look much better."
     He opened his mouth, and then closed it.  "What happened on the phone?  You were there and then you weren't."  Lincoln's eyes went to the floor and he leaned down to pick up the beeping phone.  He turned it off and re-situated it on the wall before narrowing his flint-colored eyes on her.  "I miss him too, Sara, but at least I work.  At least I try to be normal.  I don't hide in my house and push everyone away.  You lost your husband, but I lost my brother."

Excerpt #2

     "Lincoln?" she called as she walked up the deck stairs, her tennis shoes thudding on the wood as she went.  She jerked to a stop, blinking at the murky form before her.  Sara's voice was slightly breathless as she asked, "What are you doing?  Are you okay?"
     Lincoln lifted his head, his features in shadow.  "Define 'okay'."
  "Are you injured?  Do you need to go to the doctor?"  Sara took a step closer to him, her heart beating a little too fast.
     "Nope.  Must be okay.  What are your thoughts on alcohol?" he asked evenly.
     "What?" she asked, dumbfounded by such a question.
     He sat back in the chair, clanking something on the table next to him.  Sara squinted her eyes at the clear bottle that looked disturbingly empty and then looked at him again.  He wore a white tee shirt that glowed in the dark and jeans.  He had to be cold, but he was strangely still.
     "Are you drunk?"
     "What does that mean, Sara?  Drunk?  What signifies one as drunk?  Slurring of words?  imbalance?  Large consumptions of alcohol?  If so, I am one for three."  He smirked.  Sara didn't know how she knew Lincoln was smirking with it being so dark out, but she did.  It was in his voice; slightly mocking and ow.  "You didn't answer me."
     Sara frowned at him, crossing her arms.  "What are my thoughts on alcohol?  It's okay.  In moderation.  I think you overachieved on the whole moderation thing."
     "I moderate.  I moderate my hand going up to my mouth and my hand going back to my lap.  Tel that isn't moderation."
     "Why are you doing this?"
     "Doing what?"
     She gestured toward the bottle.  "This.  Drinking.  You don't drink."
     "Clearly...I do."  Lincoln grabbed the bottle and tipped it up to his lips, tilting his head back to finish it off.
     Sara stared at him, knowing he was hurting and she was hurting because of it.  "Yo don't have to do this."
     Lincoln stood, carefully and slowly.  "Yes.  I do.  I'm drinking my sorrows away.  Isn't that what people do?
     "Not you."
     "Not usually," he corrected, leaning his hips against the wood railing of he deck and crossing his arms.
     Sara's arms dropped to her sides.  A burning need began inside her - no, that wasn't true - the burning need already inside her grew.  Her arms ached to wrap around him, her heart pounded at the thought of him being close to her.  Lincoln was too far away, physically and mentally.  Sara wanted to bring him back to her, but she didn't have the right.
     "I never was a big drinker.  I think I've found the error of my ways."
     "Going to turn into an alcoholic now, are you?" she asked quietly, her stomach knotting.  Everything was wrong; his words, hes behavior.  None of it was Lincoln.
     "Why not?  What have I got to lose?"  His eyes, previously hidden in the dark, sparked with silver fire as the trailed up and down her face.  Not you, those eyes said.

See, see????  You wanna read it now, don't you?  Now, for the interview.  I haven't the foggiest idea how to give an interview, but I gave it my best shot, so please don't be too overly critical.

Me:      We all know that I haven't got a bleeding clue what I'm doing here, so let's dive right in, shall we?  I have 3 fan questions for you before I begin my own shot-in-the-dark attempt!   Here's the first fan query, from Julie Harrington: How much does a story consume you when you're working on it or about to start on it

Lindy Zart:      Pretty much it's all I think about. When I'm not in front of the computer, i'm wishing I was. I write notes on random pieces of paper, grocery lists, the back of the check book even. I'll get a sudden idea while I'm washing the dishes or driving or whatever else you can think of that has NOTHING to do with a book. When I'm inspired, I'm in The Writing Zone.

Me:     Haha, your books do that to me, that's why I generally HAVE to finish them in one sitting. Then there's the book hangover...when I can't stop thinking of Finlay...ANYWAY! Next fan question is From Sally Slayer: What is an absolute necessity for her when writing (other than computer or pen and paper lol).
Lindy:     COFFEE...and music...and of course, QUIET...I.E. No kids (or rather, tuning out the kiddies! Hmm. Maybe I should say this. Eh.)

Me:     Okay, 3rd and final fan question, then it's my turn to grill you
From Jennifer Maynard (And I, Vals, wanna know this about a certain character myself!): does she ever fight with herself over the fate of a character?

Lindy:     In one word: Yes. But of course I can't leave it at that! I fight with myself throughout the course of a book on what should happen to the character and if I made the right decision and if I should change it. I go with what calls out to me the most, and then, I must live with it. Or write a sequel. Whichever.

Me:     Lol good to knowOkay, now for my questions! I don't know if these are the kinds of questions to ask for this, but here goes nothin'! Are there any particular writers who inspired you early in life to become an author, or influenced the way you write?
Lindy:     Answer: That sounded like a trick question. Ha ha. I started writing when I was around the age of 12 and I don't even know what made me decide to put my thoughts and feelings into words. I guess because it was cathartic; an outlet for me. There are a lot of authors I love, but none that made me want to write and none that I wanted to write like. Well, except for me.

Me:     Good answer! It wasn't a trick though haha. I meant more like, who got you to realize the beauty of words, or something poetic like that hehehe Okay, NEXT!
What do you do when you hit a wall and get major writers block?

Lindy:     I've never had writer's block. What I've had is a scene or a character that isn't meshing, so I have to sit back, take a break, and think about what I want to do with the character or where I want a scene to go. Then I'm back in The Writing Zone.

Me:     I so envy you. This is why you're the most awesomest chick...yes, that's a word! It is now, anyway! Do you draw inspiration for your wonderful characters from people in your life? Don’t worry, you don’t have to give specifics!

Lindy:     I use that word all the time! It so exists!

Me:     It does! Anyone who says otherwise can kiss my patootie.

Lindy:     Answer: A little bit, yes. A habit of someone I know might be put into a character of a book of mine. I don't do this a lot, but sometimes something about a character could be traced back to someone I know. I kept it vague; can't have anyone sueing me. Sueing? Suing?

Me:     Eh....I'm not sure how it goes! Brain...melting....I think it's suing, it doesn't get the red squiggle line hahahahaha!!! I always thought it was sweet when friends were included in some small way in books.  On to the next!  I’m sure that each of your novels are special to you in their own way, so what makes Take Care, Sara special to you?   You should know that as I put each question, I'm totally using a professional interviewer voice

Lindy:     Lol. Noted!  Take Care, Sara is SO special to me because I really, really had to dig deep into the emotions to write this. I even got a little weepy at certain parts and I am NOT the weepy sort. *sniff* I felt like I evolved more as a writer with this novel than with any of the others I've written in the past. I can even tell from my current WIP. It almost seems like I wasn't as confident in my writing before this as I am now. I KNOW how I need to write, for me, and I'm okay with the way that is.  Is that what you meant?

Me:     Yes! Great answer! You're still going to write an Ordinary sequel, right?????? That's not an interview question, it's a follow up question lol!

Lindy:     YES! I am SO behind on what I need to write! Two Ordinarys, one Charmed, my current WIP, and I think I might write a sequel to my WIP.

Me:     Wow! Two Ordinarys?? SQUEEEEEEE! And another Charmed??? Double SQUEEEE!!!
Okay, two left! This one should be easy hehehehehe. Who is your favorite stalker???? At least for the duration of the interview?

Lindy:     Without hesitation, my favorite stalker is Valari 'Vals' Roberts! Forever and always.

Me:     YAAAAAAY!!!! I win, I win!!!!!!!! Okay, and the last: Is there anything you would like to add for our readers today? Anything you want to say at all. As little or as much, doesn't matter.

Lindy:     If it weren't for readers, there would be no one to read what writers write. So, thank you. Of course, if it weren't for writers, there would be nothing for readers to read,'s a win/win situation. Im going to stop now. Peace out.

Me:     Well said. Thanks you for humoring me!  

Okay folks, as soon as possible, get your hiney's in gear and grab your copy of Take Care, Sara!    One of the best books I have ever read.  Not just this year, this millennium even, but EVER.  Don't forget to check out the rafflecopter (there's a tab for it up top).  We hope you have enjoyed my terrible attempt at doing an interview, and have a great day!  Be sure to check out Lindy Zart, Author Page to find out where she'll be stopping next for her blog tour.  Thank you, my favorite stalkee, for giving my pitiful blog a chance!  Had fun with the interview, and I hope you did, too!  Don't forget, links to her books are in today's earlier post, links to her pages are below, and remember to enter both rafflecopters from the above tab!  Until we meet again, I bid you all a fond farewell.


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