Friday, June 28, 2013

Jazz Up, by Sarah Jehan

Here's what Sarah has to say about her almost here novel, Jazz Up.  By the way, this is one sweet girl, I'm so glad to have met her!!!

JAZZ UP is the debut novel of author Sarah Jehan which she wills to publish this autumn. This novel written as a teenage chick-lit, recounts the personal lives and mysterious adventures of three high school girls named Sarah Khan, Penelope Gegorowitch and Amanda Wopsle. Jazz Up is all about the life connected by social networks.....and the peer pressure, time pass romances, strong friendships and the first bad habits late teenagers involve with refusing their confused parents who keep on dodging. This book sounds musical at the mean time. Through this book author hopes to inspire the readers and knowledge them about the reality of teenagers’ life styles and how to face the threats and challengers in order to success in lives.

And for that question?  Everyone keeps pestering her about her love life, won't leave the poor lady alone!  So, here's your answer:  No, she is NOT currently in a relationship!  So quit bugging her about it and leave her ALONE, boys!

As always, have a fantabulous day and weekend!!


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