Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Interview With Angel Sharum!!

It's Wednesday of our week with Angel Sharum, and you know what that means?  It means it time for an...

Me:   I always ask: What are your must haves for a deep writing session? Music or silence, drink, snack,special pen, special knick knack, anything?

I don’t really need anything special to write. I write with the TV blaring away, people talking to me and playing on Facebook, but I’ve also written in total silence. When the mood to write strikes and a story is flowing, I just write.

Me:     If you hit writer's block, what do you do to help get over it?

I’ve never experienced long stretches of writers block. There’s so much inspiration out there that it’s hard to NOT be able to find something to write about. Just go for a walk and see what’s happening, people watch at the mall, or talk with friends. You’re sure to find something to write about. At least that’s the case with me.

Me:   At what age did you start dabbling in writing, and what inspired you to start?

  I’ve only been writing for three and a half years, seriously anyway. I did write some poetry a few years before that but not much. I joined a writing forum on the advice of a friend and they were doing contests. I was scared to try, but all the members talked me into it and I found that I actually could put a story together that people enjoyed reading. I’ll never forget how it felt when people told me they liked my story. I haven’t stopped since.

 Me:   From where do you draw inspiration for your writing now?

  I’ve drawn inspiration from TV shows and commercials, family and friends, talking with my husband, people watching, and even once just from walking to the mailbox. More often than not, however, it’s just that I will think of something and have to write it down. I have a strange imagination and weird sense of humor so you never know what will show up in one of my stories.

Me:  Is there anything you want your fans to know, or just anything you'd like to say to them? As short or as long as you like!

Angel:   I would like for y’all to know that I’m really a nice
person. My stories are often dark and sinister, but I’m happy-go-lucky in real life, which seems strange to some people. I don’t understand myself why my mind runs to the dark side when writing stories. I do watch a lot of crime dramas on TV so maybe that has something to do with it, although all of my stories aren't like the shows.

I’ve written about serial killers, sure, but I’ve also written about evil ear wax removers, the birth of a baby causing the end of a world, child abuse, revenge, multiple personalities, and even fairy tales. Every now and then, just for kicks, I’ll write a “nice” story to throw people off. You gotta keep ‘em guessing you know.

Haha, you, my dear, are a most interesting and funny lady!  Thank you so much, Angel, for joining me!  Don't forget to check out the list of books including dear Ms. Sharum on Friday, along with the links to purchase them!

Love you all!

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