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Interview With Tigris Eden

And now, for my bumbling excuse of an

I sat down and chatted with Tigris Eden, and here's what we talked about!

ME:    Do you have a planned number of books for the Shadow Unit series? 

TIGRIS:    Yes, I'd like to see each member get their book and then of course Enri as well. So that would make 8 books total. I don't plan to go any further than that :)

ME:   Pardon me.  I just fangirled on myself...I love that idea, everyone getting their own full story! 


ME:   How about Romantic Tales?  Do you have any idea how long you plan to continue writing those?  Or more like a "see how much I have going on at the time"? 

TIGRIS:   Yeah, see how much I have going on at the time. I love RT, really do, have enjoyed writing with everyone, but I have other projects I need to flesh out and finish. I'm sure I will write something here or there. It's hard doing an episodic or serialized series, there are expectations. It can be quite overwhelming at times. But I'm glad to have had the experience.

ME:   I totally understand.  I know that you have a lot of different projects going on, and yet you somehow are able to find time to write these great episodes as well.  OMG, are you Super Woman????

TIGRIS:   Super Woman? Me? That's funny, I think there is an impostor, then, somewhere out in the universe. Tell her I want my cape back! In all honesty it feels like there just isn't enough time in the day. There are classes I want to take to, so I can perfect my craft but I'm either working on my stuff or RT... Something has to give and I have to roll with the flow... LOL

ME:   I got tired just reading that lol!  If I see her, I'll demand the cape back!   Okay, here's one I always ask: What are your special, deep writing things that you MUST have?

TIGRIS:   Oh I need my music. Need my space to be clutter free and lots of sticky notes. I think that makes for a very productive writing environment for me.  As I actually write everything down. LOL

ME:   You must have strong hands!  Mine get tired and sore when I write with a pen lol.

TIGRIS:   HEHE I don't think so. Maybe I never thought about it like that. It can be tiring as well. But when I write it out, I find that my thoughts don't get as jumbled. When I type I skip entire thoughts sometimes. 

ME:   I know it's a long way off, but will Gen's story be continued past the book to be released in December?  

TIGRIS:   Yes, Gen will have two more books :)

ME:   SQUEEEEE!  I LOVE that story!!!!!  And Adam, I love Adam, he's one of my book boyfriends now.

TIGRIS:   Awwwww thanks!  I love that story as well. It just came out of nowhere really!  You can blame Michele for that one. LOL I hadn't written anything for RT when we did the first season so I literally pulled that one out of my...magic bag of tricks...

ME:   HAAAHAHAHAHA!  On to Enslaved In Shadows!  Does it look like Draven's father, and the pack, will ever accept Jes?   PS, I LOVE his mother, my kinda woman!

TIGRIS:   :) Yeah Mara is the bomb!
She's like my real mom who I love so much!  She is a strong individual, and just so there is no mistake my real mom's name is Romona, LOL!  Had to give her a shout out! She's the strongest woman I know next to my sisters :)

So back to Antony and Jesminda, do they ever get along. I think so, but not all flower power and hugs. I think he will just accept Draven and Jes' relationship for what it is. Plus he loves his granddaughter. **Only spoiler for this series**  There will be a small mini novella or Shadow Reel if you will, that centers around the time after Draven returns :) I couldn't focus too too much on them in Burned, but they get their share of time in the book, and yes they get their HEA but I'd want to follow up with the after they hook up story :) So you will see a lot of pack mentality there.

ME:   Nice!!!!  Okay, last question:  Can you tell a little bit about your upcoming work?  Maybe titles and the premise?

TIGRIS:   Hmmmmm where to start....

There are a lot of projects that I'd like to work on.... But I will drop three down that will happen over the course of the next year and half.....

There is The Relationship, which is a contemporary romance and that is based on two people who started out together but find that maybe just maybe they are not meant to be together. But then again maybe they are. *winks*

ME:   Oooooh!  That sounds great!

TIGRIS:   Then there is Arctic Bound, which is a PNR Erotic Romance with some light bondage.  Werewolves in Alaska yo! And a Mob Boss daughter on the run LOL :)

ME:   My kind of story!

TIGRIS:   And finally I'm plotting out my first official.... IR aka Interracial Romance.  All my other stories feature Bi-racial females, so they are more multicultural I think.... I don't know, the lines are kind of grey with IR and multicultural, but anyway the title is Blurred Lines and its basically two families, who are both on the wrong side of the tracks, but think their son and daughter don't belong together. They are middle class working family and well, there are just a lot of things they go through to get to the happy happy sunshine :)

ME:  Love it!!!  Thank you SO much for putting up with my blundering around!  I cannot wait for Burned (or any of your other works lol).

TIGRIS:  Thank you!

So there you have it! Remember to check out the earlier post from Monday, and tune in again on Friday to recap all of those links! Love you all, have a great hump-day!


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