Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Interview with Bob Dixon

You know that bumbling thing I do where I ask questions and have someone cool answer them?  Yeah, I did that again, but with Bob this time!  Enjoy!

Me:  Here we go!  So Bob, I ask everyone this: What are your required props for a deep writing session? Certain drinks, snacks, music or quiet, etc.

Bob:  My writing sessions are pretty strange, even for me. I usually go through quite a few cups of coffee. I keep my internet browsers open and when I'm not sure what I'm doing next in the story I check my email. One of my favorite quotes is by Hemingway which is: write drunk edit sober. I think if you replace drunk with ‘wired on caffeine’ it would apply to most writers.

Me:  Coffee is the best thing on the planet, next to bacon!  So, What inspires you to write the stories you do?

Bob:  My imagination is always running 100 mph, I think of a concept or a character and go “wow that would be fun to write about” and I do, not so sure if it is an inspiration or not but I just want to tell my stories.

Me:  Very honest answer!  I always like to read stories when a character has led someone to write about them, they feel more engaging for me!  Do you have any other books in the works?

Bob:  I actually have contracts on 4 other titles right now, a little behind on editing (I hate editing).

Me:  Awesome!!!  What's your...I don't feel like 'method' is the right word, but as I can't think of the proper one right now, we'll go with it.  So what is your 'method' when writing?  Do you tend to write the ending of a story first and work back, skip around, what?

Bob:  Normally I start from the beginning , if I have a really cool idea for a chapter I may write it out of order but it’s just so much easier for me to write from the beginning.

Me:  I would have to agree with that.  I get myself confused all the time, so skipping around seems like a whole lot of trouble!!  Do you have anything you would like your fans and my readers to know?  Anything to say?

Bob:  Well first and foremost thank you for the support.  Needless to say without  our supporters, we are nothing. In most cases, especially with indie authors,  as thrilled as a fan may be to meet their favorite authors, the authors are as just as happy to meet them. I love talking about my books etc so anytime someone shows up and wants to discuss the characters or story with me naturally I'm happy to do so.

Me:  See?  Genuinely good guy!  Thank you, Bob, SO much for joinging me!  It has been a pleasure and an honor.  Remember, LINK DAY is coming on Friday, with covers, blurbs, and purchase links to Bob's wonderful tales.  Be safe, be blessed!


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