Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Interview with Ty Langston

You know what time it is, do I even need to say it?  Well, since I went to the trouble of making the pretty banner, I guess I'll go ahead say that it's time for the:

Me:  My usual question - What are your must-haves for a serious writing session?

Ty:  Water, sometimes chips or candy, but definitely I need some sort of music.  I use either Spotify (you can follow me as I create playlists for all of my stories there) or I go on itunes.  My headphones and a notebook are key also.  A notebook and pen to me are extensions of who I am, I'm lost without them.

Me: Lovely! I adore your books (as you well know haha), and am curious as to what has inspired some of the stories?

Ty: What inspires me?  It could be anything.  Sometimes it's a song, or other times it can be a photo or something an actor or another person may say on TV or on an interview.  It's never one thing for me.  Usually, a story inspiration is a mixture of different things for me.  I usually write them down as I go.

Me:  Cool!  Very interesting.  Can you tell us about any upcoming projects?  I know sometimes authors like to keep things hush hush, so only what you feel comfortable with telling us.

Ty:  There are several.  I wish there were more hours in the day to finish them.  First off, because I get asked a lot of question and I'm so pleased people love the series, there will be two more books in the CRAVE series, called "NEED" and "HUNGER".  *insert a high-pitched squeal from me here -- Val*  Due to a lot of day job work issues, I had to put work on this and an MMA series I'm working on hold for now.  But in the meantime, what I did for fun is write a bunch of very quick short vignette's, called "Craving a Bite", that feature the guys in some hot adventures.  Also, FYI, these stories are a prequel to CRAVE.  The first story is called "Open Mic Nite" and features a guitarist Sean McKinnon.  The next one is called, tentatively, "What Happens in Vegas", and features lead singer Cass St. Marie.  There's a third, also nearly complete, called "Still of the Night", and that story stars bassist Chace Lawson.  In September there will be another episode of Romantic Tales.  I'm also working on an ultra-secret project with Tigris Eden, which is something that our readers have never seen from either one of us before.

Me:  Ooooooh, I'm so excited!  Also, on a side note for the ladies...SEAN IS TAKEN!  He's MINE!  Just giving fair warning *wink*.  So, Ty, is there anything you would like to say to your (many) fans and my (few) readers?

Ty:  Thanks for all the support! If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be able to do what I love to do.

Me:  Beautiful!  Thank you so much for joining me, dear!  

Don't forget, dear readers, to check in again on Friday for a list of all books by Ty Langston, blurbs, and links to purchase them!  Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Love all,

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