Wednesday, August 28, 2013

COVER REVEAL for Airicka Phoenix's Betraying Innocence!!!

Hi guys!  I wanted to help out an awesome author by assisting in the cover reveal!!!  So first up, let's...................

Airicka Phoenix is the best-selling author of The Touch Saga, Games of Fire, Octavian's Undoing & The Lost Girl Series with short stories in Whispered Beginnings: A Clever Fiction Anthology and Midnight Surrender Anthology. She also writes adult paranormal & contemporary romance under her alter ego, Morgana Phoenix.

For more about Airicka, also on how to win giveaways, read author interviews and reviews, visit her website at:

NEXT UP!  Let's take a look at that AWESOME cover!!

Book Name: Betraying Innocence
Author: Airicka Phoenix
Publisher: Fire & Ash Publishing
Release date: Oct 31, 2013
Genre: Young Adult, Horror Romance
Warnings: Language. 
Formats: ebook, paperback


Roseanna - Ana - French was happy with her life. Sure she had to move to a strange new town and live in a creepy new house that had inexplicable cold spots, but she could live with that. What she couldn’t deal with was the relentless tapping inside the walls at night, the sinister shadows in the halls or the spirit crawling its way beneath her skin.

To check out some of Airicka's other books, I've got a link for ya!  Just click HERE, and be whisked away to a magical place, also known as an Amazon Author Page. 

Be sure to check her out, and have a great day lovely people!


Sunday, August 18, 2013


Rafflecopter has spoken!  If you entered into the giveaway, please check the tab to see if your name is there.  I have already notified the winners via the email address linked with the name they entered with, but just in case, have a look see!  CONGRATS to the winners, and thanks to everyone who entered!  

Love you guys!

Thursday, August 15, 2013


I'm going to post ALL of the links (sans photos) from the authors who visited us over the summer.  First section, posted now, will be the author pages, second, which I will post tomorrow, will be links to their books.  Ready?  Here we go!

Riley Ross

Sarah Jehan

Tigris Eden

Bob Dixon

Ty Langston

Facebook (Ty), Facebook (Romantic Tales), Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon, website

Angel Sharum

Sally Slayer

Friday, August 9, 2013

Book Links for Sally Slayer!

The Dragon's Portal

Life is good for Amaya, until she decides to investigate her heritage. Wandering through a wooded area with her friends, she stumbles upon an odd rock formation and decides to take a closer look. Suddenly she is transported to an unfamiliar land filled with the things she had always thought were make-believe. This odd, yet beautiful land is at war and it's up to Amaya to find a way to end it. Will she be able to bring peace to this land that has been ravaged by war or will she end up just another casualty?


Everyday life for Cleo has always been hectic, but her parents' death opens the proverbial can of worms that is her past. She finds out they have been on the run her whole life from a corrupt government entity that has done something strange to her DNA. Now it's all up to Cleo, with some help from her friends, to find out what happened and take them down.

Everyone wave bye-bye to Sally!  Her week, and the summer author takeover, has ended!  I will make a post next week with a refresher of all link to author pages and books from ALL of the authors we got to know over this season!  See you all later, have a great weekend!


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Putting Sally Under the Microscope!

Okay, okay, so not really a microscope, but I DID ask her a few questions!

Me:  Okay, you've seen this blog, so you know the drill!  Gimme your must-haves!

Sally:  Dork!  My must haves for writing are my laptop/desktop (of course), my phone (I don't know why, but it must be nearby lol), my Blu cig, caffeine, (coffee, tea, soda...etc), music, and headphones.

Me:  YOU'RE the dork...So we already have The Dragon Portal, and Deviate will be in our hands VERY soon!  Care to share any other projects you're working on?

Sally:  I actually do have some other projects I'm working on, two of which are the sequels for those books, and one called "Realms of Destiny".

Me:  Suh-weeeeet!  What do you do to push through writer's block (other than bouncing thoughts off of your bestest friend, i.e. MEEEEE!)

Sally:  *frustrated sigh*  (Okay fine, I don't know if she really did that, but I can absolutely imagine her doing it!)  When I get writer's block, I try to either write a different scene or randomly start a fight between two characters (even if it gets cut later in editing, at least it's words).

Me:  Is there anything specific that really inspires you, that triggers your imagination?

Sally:  There are many things that could inspire me, but I DO have an extremely overactive imagination, so that helps.

Me:  I can vouch for that!  Soooooo...who's your favorite character from your books?????

Sally:  Hmm...that's a hard one, but I guess I'd have to choose Cleo.  She's a whole lot like me (which means we'd probably argue a lot, too! Lol), but mostly I think I'd like to hang out with her so I could ride in her car.

Me:  Haha, yeah, she's got a hell of a ride, I want it!  In closing, is there anything you'd like to say to your fans/my readers, anything you'd like them to know?

Sally:  I'd like to say "THANKS!" and give many many hugs!  <3

Me:  Thanks for joining the mad house, Sal!

This Friday will be the final post for my Summer Author Takeover, so be sure to check in for links to buy The Dragon's Portal, and, if everything falls into place as I expect, Deviate!  Catch you on the flip side, babes!


Monday, August 5, 2013

A Warm Welcome to SALLY SLAYER!!!!

This girl has been my best friend since I was in Jr. High (I'm not gonna say how long, I don't want to feel old!). She also happens to be a fabulous writer!!

I have always had an overactive imagination, as many can attest. One night I had this terrible dream where this scary man with glowing eyes and a dark hood glowered down on me. To be honest it scared the heck out of me, so I decided to write a story about him and make him not scary. This is how my first book The Dragon's Portal came about. I am usually powered by Blu cigs, Dr Pepper, Vanilla Coke, and coffee. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I have. When I am in a procrastinating mood, I can usually be found lurking about Twitter or Facebook. My newest book, Deviate, is coming soon (August 2013) so keep your eyes peeled!
<3 ~SS

Now for the links to!
Amazon Author

See ya Wednesday with a little interview!


Friday, August 2, 2013

Angel's Books!

All right dear ones, we've got quite a list of books today!  So here we go!  IT'S:

Dark Tales--

Sometimes, the scariest stories are the ones that happen in real life. Dark Tales includes some of Angel Sharum's darkest true-to-life stories of the horrors people inflict on each other and the cruelties people endure every day.

To buy, click THIS.

Apocryphilia (Only works from Angel blurbed here)--

9) Death Whispers, by Angel Sharum: Short story: There’s a voice in Trevor’s head, telling him that, when it comes to Momma, he’d be better off dead. 
10) The Reaper, by Angel Sharum: Flash fiction: Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean you aren't being watched. 
Bloodless, by Angel Sharum: vampires lurk on dark sidewalks 
Violent Love, by Angel Sharum: Divorce makes Daddy real sad.   

For this one, click HERE.

A Photographic Series--

A photographic journey through nature's beauty. Not only does this book contain beautiful photos, it can be used as a journal as well because it's on stock paper.

Here's the LINK for this one.

Dark Christmas--

Silent Nights hide deadly secrets, sometimes it’s more than the halls that get decked and Christmas isn’t always merry. For some, Christmas is a scary and lonely time, full of regret, sadness and pain. Memories rush to the surface that should stay buried, circumstances change and revenge sounds like the best present of all. The tales in this Circle 8 Writers anthology shine a light on the darker side of Christmas. They show us that sometimes family ties get tangled, that no matter how old the grudge, punishment still feels good, and that there are creatures out and about during the holidays who wish anything but peace and joy.

To buy this one, click ME!

If: A Short Story Anthology --

"As If You Cared" Short story: If Robert hadn’t been so alienated by his wife’s manic depression, maybe the cure wouldn’t have proved so deadly.
You should click THIS to buy "If".

Mothers and Other Stranger --

Family is supposed to be a safe haven, an island holding back a sea of pain, regret and troubles. Yet, sometimes, the sharks circling you are the very family that’s supposed to protect you. A mother, father, sister—or even grandma---with sinister intentions can rip your heart apart, turning home into a nightmare. Be careful where your eyes roam in Mothers & Other Strangers. The stories and poems inside may resonate in your own heart and make you reevaluate just what family really means. *Some stories contain mature content.*

Buy me HERE!

Roses and Thorns--

Love is kind. Love is true. It can also be destructive, painful and bitter. Love makes life easier, helps ease burdens and fills the heart with warmth. It can also make life too hard to bear any longer, lead to rash actions and tear families apart. People search for love expecting an endless dream, but, too often, find love can be a nightmare. The stories offered here in this 4th Circle 8 Writers Group anthology explore love at its best and its worst. Each story expresses how strong the force of love is and how it shapes fates. Love can smell sweet or make you bleed, depending on whether you are handed Roses or Thorns. ***Some stories contain adult material.***

Scared Sleepy--

The stories in Scared Sleepy are not the fairy tales and nursery rhymes your mama told you when you were little. The characters may seem familiar, but the antics they get up to will make your blood run cold. Revenge, murder, adultery, fights and fun abound in these tales. Old friends become new menaces, beloved characters show an underbelly you’ve never seen before and hardly anybody lives happily ever after.

Pick ME!

Killer Heat--

The seven flash fiction stories in “Killer Heat” are full of intrigue, madness and flames. Some of the characters find that the only way out of a bad situation is to burn the whole mess to the ground. Others are dealing with corrupt politics and bad situations that leave them cold, even though they are in hot water. No matter the circumstances, all of the characters learn one thing: heat kills.

This is DIVA's third anthology.

Here's the LINK.

Wax Remover 2000--

Harry always thought a little hearing loss helped his marriage, especially considering his wife was always complaining. But after Harry couldn’t hear Joyce’s cries for help one night, he realized if he wanted to stay married he better do something to fix the problem. 
Enter the Wax Remover 2000. 
A miracle cure, that he might need a miracle to survive.

You know you wanna click THIS!

Sick At Heart--

A dream night and a stalker with a twisted sense of love can literally steal your heart away.

Get creeped out by following THIS!

After Life--

Not all ghost stories are scary. In these three short tales from Angel Sharum, the ghosts right some wrongs, help others and take care of their own affairs. 

*Going Home: Addie has suffered long enough, but when it’s her time to go, she can’t bear to leave Rupert in a state of despair. 

*The Dead’s Rights: Just because you’re dead doesn’t mean you can’t make sure you’re buried properly. Well, as long as you’re quick about it that is. 

*Revisiting: Sometimes, you have to die to set things right.

Purchase HERE!

The Masks in the Mirror 
And Unmasked--
Constance learned in childhood that sometimes you survive with a little help from your friends, even those who don’t really exist. The problem is, how do you end those friendships when their help turns unwelcome? Constance soon learns your best friends can be your worst enemies.

While writing a book on the life and crimes of a death row inmate, Greg expects to learn where all the proverbial bodies are buried. After all, a dying man has no need for secrets. What Greg doesn’t know, is that some bonds last a lifetime, and some secrets endure beyond the grave.

MASKS are always fun, don't ya think?

Innocence End--
In a dramatic departure from her trademark tales of fun and horror, Angel Sharum offers within Innocence End two short stories of the real world many children have experienced but most adults would rather ignore:1) The Beat Goes On portrays the brutality inflicted frequently on a daughter blamed for the death of her mother.
2) Protecting Molly takes the reader into the world of a girl whose father treats her not as a daughter as much as his substitute wife. Caution: Sharum holds nothing back in her depiction of the things one daughter will do to protect the youngest daughter from the brutality and depravity of their alcoholic father.
Though neither short story is for the squeamish, both are a herald of the return of the understated Southern narrative voice of such classic authors as Harper Lee and Truman Capote to American literature.


Crime Gone Wrong--

This is a book of four short stories written by the members of DIVA (Diverse Independent Verrückt Authors), a group of women authors from different backgrounds who have come together to write short story anthologies. The venture was formed in September 2012, and this is DIVA’s first anthology - stories of "crime gone wrong."

Each anthology will feature a story by a guest author, as well as stories written by the four DIVA members.

Christmas Miracle--

Jacob enjoys his visits with Charlotte, even though she thinks he is her long dead son, Charles. The stories Charlotte has told over the years brought her family to life for Jacob, and he is upset when he realizes her time is near, but Charlotte helps Jacob understand that death isn’t always a time for sadness.

Christmas Miracle shows that a mother’s love transcends the boundaries of Heaven and Earth, and that friendship is a true treasure.

Get it HERE

Christmas Decorations--

He decorated his home while simultaneously ridding the neighborhood of their cat overpopulation problem. He thinks his decorations are purrrfect.

Go ahead, ONE-CLICK me!

Summer Love--

DIVA, or the Diverse Independent Verrückt Authors, is a group of women authors from different backgrounds who have come together to write short story anthologies. The venture was formed in September 2012, and this is DIVA’s second anthology.

Four anthologies a year are planned. Each anthology will feature a story by a guest author, as well as stories written by the four DIVA members.

Before you delve into our stories about summer love, just a few words of warning: Although we’re all women, not everything that we came up with for a topic called “Summer Love” is sweet and cosy.

BUY it now!

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Keep Writing--

A career as a professional writer is exciting. Your name in lights with online publications, newspapers and, if you’re lucky, the front of a best seller, but none of that comes without hard work. Blood, sweat and tears go into every piece of writing in the hopes that someone will appreciate your efforts and publish your work. Sometimes, the pressure gets unbearable and you want to give up before you’ve really gotten started. That doesn’t have to be the case, however, because there are ways to overcome even the sturdiest roadblocks in your writing career. When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Keep Writing offers numerous ideas to keep the creative juices flowing, and help ensure that every writer’s career moves forward.

Go ahead, BUY a copy!

All I Want For Christmas--

In this twisted Christmas tale, sometimes getting what you want really is like pulling teeth.



Fortune shines on some, illuminating life and improving circumstances while leaving others to flounder in the dark. Destiny has a wicked sense of humor, laughing at the twists and turns that lead to the final destination and Luck is a fickle mistress, tempting with success, only to throw obstacles onto the path. Journey through the eleven unique tales of circumstance this anthology offers, where the outcome is uncertain, and Fate decides the "Consequences."

Consequences: Crime and Punishment--

Life can change in an instant. Passions overtake common sense and emotions run amuck, leading to explosive situations that blow the lives of those involved apart. Sometimes, the pieces can be picked up, but can they ever really be put back together properly? Or is something still missing? Is that integral piece of humanity no longer there, or if it still exists, do other, more powerful forces, squelch its' voice? Immediate satisfaction feeds the thirst for vengeance, but parches the soul, leaving a dead shell the person is forever trying to fill. Sometimes, when this happens, the lines between Crime and Punishment are blurred.

Damaged people seek peace for themselves by damaging others, never considering the cycle will continue and that their actions will have consequences far reaching and devastating. Are victims who turn into tormentors no longer victims? Do the Crimes committed against them not deserve Punishment? The stories in this anthology delve into the psyche of hate and pain that leads to destruction for so many, and show what happens when those who only seek retribution, where justice is an afterthought at best, deal with Crime and Punishment.

Go, Buy, Read!

And this wraps up our week with the most lovely Angel Sharum!  Thank you so so much for coming and visiting, and I wish you the best of luck on all future endeavors.  Join me next week to meet Sally Slayer, our final Summer Author!  Till we meet again, dearies!