Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Putting Sally Under the Microscope!

Okay, okay, so not really a microscope, but I DID ask her a few questions!

Me:  Okay, you've seen this blog, so you know the drill!  Gimme your must-haves!

Sally:  Dork!  My must haves for writing are my laptop/desktop (of course), my phone (I don't know why, but it must be nearby lol), my Blu cig, caffeine, (coffee, tea, soda...etc), music, and headphones.

Me:  YOU'RE the dork...So we already have The Dragon Portal, and Deviate will be in our hands VERY soon!  Care to share any other projects you're working on?

Sally:  I actually do have some other projects I'm working on, two of which are the sequels for those books, and one called "Realms of Destiny".

Me:  Suh-weeeeet!  What do you do to push through writer's block (other than bouncing thoughts off of your bestest friend, i.e. MEEEEE!)

Sally:  *frustrated sigh*  (Okay fine, I don't know if she really did that, but I can absolutely imagine her doing it!)  When I get writer's block, I try to either write a different scene or randomly start a fight between two characters (even if it gets cut later in editing, at least it's words).

Me:  Is there anything specific that really inspires you, that triggers your imagination?

Sally:  There are many things that could inspire me, but I DO have an extremely overactive imagination, so that helps.

Me:  I can vouch for that!  Soooooo...who's your favorite character from your books?????

Sally:  Hmm...that's a hard one, but I guess I'd have to choose Cleo.  She's a whole lot like me (which means we'd probably argue a lot, too! Lol), but mostly I think I'd like to hang out with her so I could ride in her car.

Me:  Haha, yeah, she's got a hell of a ride, I want it!  In closing, is there anything you'd like to say to your fans/my readers, anything you'd like them to know?

Sally:  I'd like to say "THANKS!" and give many many hugs!  <3

Me:  Thanks for joining the mad house, Sal!

This Friday will be the final post for my Summer Author Takeover, so be sure to check in for links to buy The Dragon's Portal, and, if everything falls into place as I expect, Deviate!  Catch you on the flip side, babes!



  1. You know me so well, I TOTALLY did sigh all frustrated-like on question 3. LOL Thanks for inviting me to the madhouse!

  2. Great interview!

    1. *curtsies* Thank you! I'm usually bumbling with interviews, but this one was easy; we can almost read each other's minds at this point lol!

  3. And random thought, Feed your fish! They are always hanging around my mouse since I fed them the other day. ;)

    1. HAHAHAHA!!!! They're hungry little beasts!