Take Care, Sara - By Lindy Zart

 I am not very good at reviews, generally leaving the bare minimum to say that I enjoyed a work. I can't do that this time. This deserves more than my usual bumbling about. I will say that I got an advanced copy of this, but that fact has no bearing on my review. If I only kind of liked it, the stars would reflect that, and if I hated it, well then I wouldn't leave a review at all! I got so connected to Sara that my heart broke with hers, I cried when she cried, and I smiled with her, as well. This was so well written that I got lost in it and forgot that I was reading a work of fiction. I could actually feel the sorrow, the pain that she experienced, and urged her on in my own mind, waiting for the hurt to stop. I have loved all of Lindy Zart's books, but this one had topped all of them. This is one that will forever be in my top 10 books of all time, and that's no easy feat. I STRONGLY urge anyone who is considering reading this to stop thinking about it and just DO it. You will not be sorry.


5 of 5 Thingamajigs

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